Quimacer has designed a complete range of chemical products to guarantee the correct operation of the solar installation and to make easier its maintenance. These are divided in:

We offer two different groups of antifreeze totally biodegradable and differentiated in the origin of their source materials

Fluisol Eco Range                           -  FLUISOL ECO RANGE: formulated with vegetal origin source material.
                           -  FLUISOL RANGE: made in base of propilenglicol.

They are products addressed to installations where is not necessary the antifreeze protection, because it does not exist information saying that the temperature has been lower than 0º.

In this cases we advice two products that protect the circuit from the rust and scales:

                         -    QUIMAPROTECT: pack, suspensivante, filming agent and biocide.
                         -    QUIMAFLUID: calcium deficiency water dissolution and QUIMAPROTECT.
Products group addressed to guarantee the efficiency of the installation. In this family we can found from the biocides that protect us from the bacterial action to antiscales acids to make a correct cleaning of the pipes and have a good thermal transmission.

We also incorporate a neutralizer to make sure that the fluid pH will not create any rust problems.
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