Antifreeze / Heat transfer liquid

The heat transfer fluid is a liquid or gas that runs inside the primary circuit of the geothermal installation that when passes the collector is able to absorb the energy from the earth. In the heat exchange, this energy will go through the secondary circuit of the domestic installation to get profit from it.

The absorbing ability and giving heat comes determined by a characteristic called Specific Heat. The heat transfer liquids commonly used are: water, water and antifreeze mixture, synthetic organic liquids and silicon oils.

The heat transfer fluid is indispensable to avoid frostbites and also has to be able to resist high temperatures.

It’s very important to choose a suitable heat transfer fluid to obtain the maximum energetic efficiency of the installation.

Quimacer offers the following antifreeze products  for Geothermy:

 Antifreeze / Heat tranfer fluidGEOFLUX BIONatural origin. Without any ecotoxicity.
Antifreeze / Heat tranfer fluidGEOFLUX EGFormulated with Ethylene glycol.
Antifreeze / Heat tranfer fluidGEOFLUX PGFormulated with Propylene glycol.


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