Underfloor Heating  System has become a perfect complement of the renewable energies aimed at general temperature control. Each manufacturer provides its own particularities in installation systems, but all of them guarantee an efficient, economic and a high comfort level of climate control system. The main advantages of this system are:

 -   AESTHETICS: Thanks to the absence of visible system elements.
 -   WELL-BEING: Because of  noise and air movements absence.
 -   COMFORT: Does not dry environment and nostrils.
 -   ECOLOGICS: Suitable to match with renewable energies.
 -   SECURITY: Beacause there are no contact elements with people.
 -   ECONOMICS: The energy saving is between 20-30%.

Quimacer puts to their customers disposition a complete range of products focused to the installation, prevention and maintenance of the climate control system. From super plasticizers for mortars to mortar descalings, and also antirust additives and biocides.

Surfing through our web you will find all the information you need. In the other side our technical and purchasing department would be to your disposition if there is any doubt or if you need some counselling about any of the topics.
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