Circuit Protector

The automatic fill function by network is not advisable. The risk is that lime can be self introduced in the circuit in an uncontrolled way, leaks cannot be detected, glycol dilutes without control and the concentration of the heat transfer fluid gets slowly lost to prevent a frost.

In Quimacer S.L. we have developed a gamma of special chemical products and additives for the protection of the circuit that they can coalesce naturally with the fluid that will be used for the fill.

The function of an automatic fill by network is not advisable. The risk that we can take is that some pollutants (lime, salts, bacterium…) can get in our circuit. Depending of the kind of installation and the required needs is recommendable the use of additives because doing that we can guarantee:

  • - Continued antirust protection of the installations, deposits, circuits and pipes. Specially indicated for iron, copper, steel and aluminium.
  • - Installation durability.
TDS Heat Transfer Fluid
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