With the development of processes and drilling machines it has become usual the use of drilling fluids, that is not much more than a fluid (air, water, oil&hellip) specially made to confer a physic and chemical characteristics that will allow to optimize the drilling work.

Despite exist specific additives to solve particular problems, the main advantages of drilling with additivated mud are:
                          -   It does a lubricant efect that helps the drilling in granular levels.
                          -   Increase the detritus pull ability.
                          -   Keep solids in suspension preventing clogging up the drill bit.
                          -   Help to hold the drilling walls.
                          -   Facilitate the flow avoiding the overheating of the tools.            
                          -   Avoid syphoning when passing trough water tables levels low pressure located.

Fluidificantes We offer to our customers a complete catalog in constant growth where you will find the next group of products:

POLYMERS: Additives to increase the viscosity of the fluid
Origanic origin substances, which are easily degradable and compatible with commonly drilling additives.
Aditivos especiales
BENTONITE: Clays for bentonitic mud production
We offer two high quality ranges and different viscosities. Depending on the needs of the drilling we offer our customer the most suitable product tuocober his needs.

FOAMING AGENT: Fast drag cutting
Very energetic surfactants that create a foam addressed to help the extraction of detritus and lubricate the drilling tools.

LIQUID POLYMER:  Quick separation of solids  in solution by decanting

Thanks to these polymers of different ionic charge, we get a residual bentonitic gestion fast, efficient and respectful with the environment.

SHALE INHIBITORS: Liquid additives to reduce the viscosity of drilling fluid and plasticity of clays.
This family is composed by polyelectrolytes of different naturallity addressed to:
                -   Low the fluid's viscosity in case of overdose of other products.
                -   Low expansive clay's plasticity, optimizing the drilling.

The range is composted by two generalists products (QUIMAFLUX ST and QUIMAFLUX TP) and specific fluid to low the viscosity in high plaster concetration (QUIMAFLUX LIG).
SPECIFICS: Additives addressed to solve specific drilling problems.
This family answers to a company philosophy oriented to listen to the needs and problems of our contributors.
We have technical resources to give answers to any problem or necesity that could have our customers. The next products have their origin in a constant comunication between Quimacer and the market:

- BARITE:  Barium sulfate salt, that when mixed with fluid it can reduces siphoning in freatic levels thanks to an important density increase.

- QUIMAGEL 38: Anionic dispersion that increases the viscosity of the fluid, without converting it into gel.
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