Biodegradable lubricating grease.


Fluid biodegradable lubricating grease, formulated with selected bases of vegetable origin, for the lubrication of track or switch changes, lubrication of the track or rail flank (FLS) in curves* and of the wheel flange in railway systems.





QUIMAGRAS BIO is a biodegradable grease, formulated with selected bases of vegetable origin. It has high adhesion, great resistance to washing with water, excellent lubricating properties in Extreme Pressure (EP) conditions, anti-wear (AW), high biodegradability and excellent pumpability even at low temperatures (up to -40ºC). It can be applied manually or by means of low and high pressure automatic lubrication systems, in a wide range of temperatures.


  • Lost lubrication in agricultural machinery and public works (MOP).
  • Gardening equipment and forest machinery.
  • Greasing of braided steel cables and drag chains in port machinery.
  • Wastewater treatment plants (EDAR).
  • Gates and spindle valves in shipyards, reservoirs, dams and hydroelectric power plants.
  • General lubrication of machinery that operates in areas with possible risk of aquifer contamination, environmentally protected areas, leisure areas,…