Liquid polymer for drilling

QUIMAPOL AL-60 It is an anionic polymer with a very high molecular weight in aqueous emulsion, which is used as a drilling additive due to its high viscosifying power.



Adding QUIMAPOL AL-60 a highly viscous gel is formed which:

  • It has a certain flocculant power to form cake on the walls of the borehole
  • It is a powerful clay inhibitor.
  • Facilitates the extraction of detritus from inside the borehole.


QUIMAPOL AL-60 It is mainly used as a viscosifying agent effective in basic or slightly acidic pH (never for pH<5). In aqueous solution it forms a highly viscous gel whose most common uses are:

  • Viscosifying agent for all types of drilling in both fresh and brackish water. (Water collection surveys, PHD, foundations…)
  • Viscosifier of foaming additives. The combined use of QUIMAPOL AL-60 and QUIMAFOAM , allows to obtain foam of greater consistency and density.
  • Improves the performance of drilling in highly plastic clay soils, and/or coarse granular soils.