Mining and Drilling

Drilling and drilling

With the development of drilling processes and machinery, the use of polymeric sludge has become a fundamental requirement to achieve optimal results in terms of productivity and respect for environmental legislation.

In QUIMACER we offer our collaborators TECHNICAL ADVICE  and HIGH QUALITY ADDITIVES  for the formulation of high performance sludge.

Although there are specific additives to solve specific problems, the main advantages of drilling with additive sludge are:

  • Supply hydrostatic pressure to prevent siphoning
  • Keep the auger cool and clean during drilling
  • Transport detritus out of the pit and keep them suspended cuts when operation is stopped or in shift manoeuvres

Depending on the type of terrain and the drilling system, the properties and functions that we demand from the fluid will vary. In QUIMACER we have classified our product portfolio according to the sector to which they are directed.