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In a convulsive and changing environment such as the current one, flexibility, adaptation to change and customer service become critical variables to build sustainable and long-term business relationships.

When defining our product portfolio, at QUIMACER we consider the customer to be the center of our strategy and we have structured our commercial organization based on their needs.

Jordi Roca

General Manager

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Sustainable chemistry for renewable energies

We are a young company, continuosly growing under the chemical and environmental group comprised of Aditivos Cerámicos, Servyeco and Quimacer.


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Jordi Roca

General manager

Berta Arranz

Area Manager Technical Department

Lidia Ibáñez

Area Manager Climatization

Eduardo Motilla

Area Manager Drilling and mining

Mordjane Benkhaldi

Export department

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We offer a personal, efficient and amicable treatment in all commercial, administrative and financial levels.

On a technical level, QUIMACER provides its clients with a multidisciplinary department with the technological capability to:

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"With QUIMACER products we are extending the useful life of our drill bits. When working with high quality products the equipment simply lasts longer"
Jaime Martí Navas
Drilling Engineer
"Anytime we have had any questions or queries they have to helped us. They work with their clients as if they were their own team. The personal treatment is the best we have seen so far"
Roberto Comín
Mining Technician
"They are experts in several sectors. Of course, chemicals are their thing. We always count on them for all our projects. In addition, with QUIMACER products, we have increased our efficiency by 25% and we are more careful with the environment"
Andrés Dergal
Conditioning Engineer

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