Our goal is to improve drilling performance

Drilling tasks are more demanding every day. To face these tasks, the drilling machinery as well as the processes are increasingly efficient.

In order to complete the survey successfully and with the highest profitability, it is essential to use ADDITIVES for the formulation of specific muds.

In drilling and drilling terms, a drilling mud consists of a wide variety of mixtures of fluids, liquids, solids or gases used in drilling or drilling operations on land.

There is a wide variety of drilling fluids, which are divided into 1) oil-based, 2) water-based or 3) gas-based (pneumatic) fluids.

The main functions performed by mud during drilling are the following:

·        To facilitate the drilling of granular levels due to its “lubricant” effect.

·        To favor the cooling of the drill bit or drilling crown.

·        To facilitate the extraction of detritus from inside the borehole, favoring the cleaning of the bottom of the well.

·        To provide stability of the drilling walls, provides the necessary cohesion to bind unconsolidated sand and gravel, and thus allow them to be drilled while maintaining the stability of the drilling.

·        To avoid siphoning (soil instability) when drilling confined low-pressure groundwater tables.

·        To avoid damage to productive areas and minimize lost circulation.

·        To protect the drill pipe against corrosion as none of our drilling fluids are corrosive.

·        To respect the enviroment. Once the work is finished, the elimination and management of the sludge is simple and economical, since many processes are based on chemical degradation with sodium hypochlorite. Additionally, some of our drilling fluids are biodegradable.

Since drilling mud is an important component in the drilling process, it is important to control its physical and chemical properties so that the fluid provides efficient work during the drilling phase.

At QUIMACER we offer our collaborators technical advice and high-quality additives for the formulation of high-performance sludge. Thus, we intend to guarantee a successful drilling.


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