Range of heat transfer fluids for EST systems, free of ethylene glycol, ideal for EST systems, with frost protection from -50ºC to -5ºC.

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FLUISOL LINE it is ideal for EST systems with frost protection, and has been developed entirely with non-toxic polyalcohols in order to eliminate the toxicity included by ethylene glycol.


The formulation of the anticorrosion additives has been made based on a hybrid technology which, for the proportions of water: antifreeze 66:34%, fully complies with the limits set by the ASTM D-1384 standard. All the fluids comply with the specifications dictated by the C.T.E.

In this range, we include the following products:

  • FLUISOL XX, producto concentrado
  • FLUISOL DW-15, con protección antihelada hasta -15ºC
  • FLUISOL DW-25, con protección antihelada hasta -25ºC
  • FLUISOL DW-35, con protección antihelada hasta -35ºC


Apart from the excellent thermophysical properties of FLUISOL, the formulation includes special additives in order to guarantee the following properties:

  • Non-corrosive to both chemical and galvanic wear.
  • Protection against microorganisms and especially legionella.
  • Removal of calcareous deposits in tanks and primary circuit.
  • Minimization of the amount of environmental oxygen.
  • Minimization of bubble formation.
  • Ensures optimal system performance for longer.