Range of ethylene glycol-free antifreeze for Geothermal Energy installations with frost protection from -50ºC to -5ºC.


GEOFLUX PG consists of a range of antifreezes ideal for geothermal installations with frost protection from -50ºC to -5ºC. They are formulated based on propylene glycol, eliminating products such as ethylene glycol, amines and phosphates from their formulation, which means that the fluids are not harmful to health.


This range of Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Agents for geothermal energy formulated with propylene glycol, incorporates a complete pack of anti-corrosion additives. Currently, the range consists of the following products:

  • GEOFLUX PG: concentrated product
  • GEOFLUX PG-15: diluted product with frost protection up to -15ºC


  • Frost protection from -45ºC to -5ºC.
  • Great thermal stability.
  • Not corrosive to chemical wear such as galvanic.
  • Protection against microorganisms, especially «Legionella».
  • Deposit formation inhibitor.
  • Minimization of bubble formation.