It is a disinfectant / oxidizer, in water treatment intended for human consumption and in cleaning treatment of surfaces or equipment intended for contact with water for human consumption.

Chlorination of drinking water. Product authorized for water for human consumption according to Anexo II of RD 140/2003. (Standard UNE-EN 901:2000 Tipo 1).



Water treatment:

Dosage of the product controlling the levels of residual free chlorine, so that the values at the points of delivery to the consumer are lower than the parametric values defined in RD 140/2003 of February 7th.

Additional analytical control:

Residual combined chlorine, THMs and control of other chlorination by-products, ensuring that values at delivery points are < VP.

Surface or equipment cleaning treatment:

Use the diluted product, depending on the degree of dirt. A subsequent rinse must be carried out with water suitable for consumption, as described in RD 140/2003, of February 7th.

Incompatibilities with other products and/or materials:

Incompatible with acids (produces chlorine release), organic substances, hydrogen peroxide, amines, ammonium salts, metallic salts, metals, copper, nickel, iron, etc.

Consult product Safety Data Sheet before handling.