Bactericide, fungicide and preservative.

QUIMABAC NTL is a chemical formulation based on isothiazolone derivatives that prevents and/or corrects problems derived from bacterial and fungal alteration. It is an easily miscible yellowish liquid that is not toxic or harmful.


– Against coliform bacteria such as: Stretococcus sp., Pseudomonas sp and others.

– Against fungi such as: Aspergullus sp., Candida sp., Penicillium sp., and others.

– It can be used as a water-based fluid preservative.


Used as a bactericide, the circuit must be filled with QUIMABAC NTL, left to act for about 4 hours, drained and if necessary repeat the operation. Once finished, the circuit must be filled with suitable fluid.

QUIMABAC NTL is suitable to use in practically all fluids.