High purity polymer for drilling.

QUIMAGEL AS-950 is an anionic polymer of maximum purity, which is used as a viscosifying agent in the manufacture of polymeric drilling muds.



Anionic polymer of maximum purity, commonly used in the drilling of gravel, sand and silt, since it guarantees a higher performance of the drilling equipment. Drilling with muds formulated with QUIMAGEL AS-950 maximum core recovery is achieved.


Quimagel AS-950 is mainly used in drilling gravels, sands, silts and clays of medium plasticity. In aqueous solution it forms a highly viscous gel whose main applications are:

    • Facilitate drilling of granular levels due to its “lubricant” effect.
    • Support and give more stability to the borehole walls. Form CAKE.
    • Avoid siphoning when drilling confined low-pressure groundwater tables.
    • Facilitate the extraction of detritus from inside the borehole.
    • Facilitate the cooling of the bit or drill bit.