Liquid Cationic Polymer for Drilling

QUIMAPOL CL-400 is a liquid cationic polymer of variable molecular weight, which is used as an additive for the formulation of drilling muds.



QUIMAPOL CL-400 It is an organic copolymer in liquid form, which due to its easy handling is commonly used in drilling very fine granular material, or low plasticity clays and silts, guaranteeing higher performance from drilling equipment.


QUIMAPOL CL-400 It is mainly used in drilling very fine granular material, clays and low plasticity silts. In aqueous solution it forms a highly viscous gel whose main applications are:

  • Viscosifier for both fresh and salt water.
  • Facilitate drilling due to its “lubricant” effect.
  • Support and give more stability to the borehole walls.
  • Avoid siphoning when drilling confined low-pressure groundwater tables.
  • Facilitate the extraction of detritus from inside the borehole.
  • Facilitate the cooling of the bit or drill bit.