CEMENTO EXPANSIVO 3E is used to break, cut and demolish stone and concrete easily and safely. No noise and no vibrations.


It is an ideal alternative when explosives cannot be used for security reasons, mainly in situations where there are surrounding buildings and other works that may be affected by shock waves, flying material and dust caused by the explosions.



  • No noise
  • No vibrations
  • Safe
  • Ecologic
  • Efficient
  • Economical
Quimacer’s expansive cement is used to break, cut and demolish rock and concrete easily and safely. It is the best alternative for demolition in those areas where it is not possible to use explosives or heavy machinery. Our expansive cement does not produce vibration, it does not produce hammer noises, it does not produce explosions, it does not produce gases, it does not produce sparks. It is the alternative to conventional explosives and grinders, being safer and more economical.

How does the expansive cement from Quimacer work?

When Quimacer expansive cement is mixed with water, a chemical hydration reaction occurs, which generates an expansive force of more than 5000 T/m2, generating breakage in that contact area. For most of the materials to be demolished, an expansive pressure of 3000 T/m2 (Tons per square meter) is enough. It is important to prepare the mix correctly to get the maximum performance of the product.

How to handle it

It must be thoroughly mixed with clean and cold water (in summer never above 12ºC) in a proportion of 30% of the total weight. 1.5 – 1.7 liters of water should be mixed for every 5kg bag of cement in a long container, then gradually add the powder into the water stirring constantly to obtain a smooth, lump-free mix.
The holes must be drilled to allow a free face for the EXPANSIVE CONCRETE to push through. For example, drilling at a 45º angle on a flat surface will push it up, but drilling straight down may not allow the pressure any outlet. Make sure there is no water or debris inside the holes before filling them with the mixture.
The enormous expansive force of QUIMACER EXPANSIVE CEMENT manages to break the rock easily. The rupture surface can be controlled with a good design of the drills, so that the rock breaks following the imposed fracture line.